In life most of us have heard if you want respect you have to give it, this saying is very true to honor as well, if you want to receive honor then you must honor well. This concept is based upon a few biblical principles, sowing and reaping.. treating others how you want to be treated… etc 

I’ll begin to breakdown a few examples of honor and how it all works through the illustrations of the word of God and also some real life examples and tips. 

First we see with David and Saul, multiple times David lived the lifestyle of Honor and it showed he had several opportunities to dishonor and or even kill Saul but he continued to live and serve with honor.

Second we see with Elijah and Elisha the connection between the two and Elisha honor towards Elijah, he followed and trained and he was greatly rewarded for honoring the Man of God set in his life. 

We see with Joseph the life of honor and respect that he showed on the road from the pit to the palace, if he hadn’t had the heart and lifestyle of honor he would have never gotten far from the pit. 

Wise words from my spiritual father Johnathan Stidham

“The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of principles. One of which is the principle of Honor And because the Kingdom of God is a Reciprocal Kingdom (meaning you will get in Return what you sow.) There are places and spaces you will never walk in or see without understanding the principle of Honor. Honor is a Kingdom currency that will open doors and take you places you never fathomed or dreamed!” 

Dr. Johnathan Stidham

We can not and will not walk into our full blessings and destiny without people and connections set above us to teach, train, correct, and calling forth the destiny that they see in you. We must with honor submit to our mentors, leaders and spiritual fathers and mothers! If we can not honor and submit to their position then how will we ever truly honor and submit to God the Father? 

Showing honor will allow you to come from the pit to the palace if you maintain a lifestyle of humility, honor, submission, and character you will see this will bring you into places you wouldn’t otherwise had access, I heard said one time your gift makes room for you and brings you before great men (Proverbs18:16) but it is the lifestyle of humility, honor, submission, and character that will keep you in the room! 

I have seen time and time again people that truly grasp onto the connections you have are important and matter and they truly honor and live out the lifestyle we have talked about today with those connections and leaders really begin to flourish and take off to even higher heights than they ever saw for themselves. Take the time to develop a lifestyle of honor and a culture of honor and you will be amazed where the Lord will begin to take you! 

How do we show honor? Honor begins in the heart, lack of honor reveals a condition of the heart(Saul and David, Cain and Abel).

We honor and respect their time! The time we have with them to pour into our lives and teach/train we cherish this time and honor them in return. Also we honor their time by respecting their time with God, family, etc, odds are the leader that is set in your life is a busy person with a lot drawing on them, be respectful and don’t be over board with your demand on their time. 

Submit to their leadership, wisdom and training as long as they are training you in Biblical ways we should honor their wisdom, council and training! Don’t make them waste their time to impart into you by not submitting and heeding their words and putting them into practice. Jesus said to not cast our pearls among swine meaning don’t be swine, be trainable and honorable. In the same way we show honor to the Kingdom and to God we show honor to others by being a good servant or a heart of service, serve your leaders in humility and submission show them you care and honor by ale eating as much as you can off of their plate as stated before I am sure they are busy with trying to balance all they have going on. 

As we honor the leaders in our lives and steward the lifestyle of honor we begin to truly be able to honor love and respect everyone around us, we must have the heart of Jesus! Love, Honor and Respect your brother! Mathew 18:15-17 teaches us we must not have ought with our brother, Jesus also taught us to treat others as you want to be treated, if you want honor and respect then it must become part of your lifestyle.

A spirit of excellence and honor brings glory to God and He in return will bless the lifestyle of honor on your life. People really respond well to quality and spirit of excellence and God rewards us for presenting Him from the heart of excellence. 

Finally, if we want the glory of God to be displayed, we have to incorporate a lifestyle of honor in every aspect of our life and calling.

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